Who are we?

We are a Booking Agency with over 10 years experience in Surfing Holidays Worldwide

Our Story

Surfinglasflores.com is a website powered by Wavepals, a booking agency born from the the dream of working in the surf industry and the difficulty expressed by many in finding the right location and information for a perfect surfing holiday.

After many years working “in loco” in the surf camps business, dealing with client necessities, bookings and organizing surfing holidays, we decided to compile, facilitate and organize the “search” for an awesome surfing holiday.

It would be easy to start selling “any” surf camp in the world, no matter the services, waves or location, but our main goal is to offer what we consider to be good and reliable destinations for the perfect surf getaway.

To fulfill to the fullest the core concept “Surf, Fun & Tan!”, all surf camps and destinations have been carefully picked taking into consideration the quality of the services, location, accommodation, facilities and GOOD WAVES!


How we do it

  • We carefully select the best destinations in Central America for your surfing holiday.
  • After being through our quality test, only the best surf destinations are put on offer at surfinglasflores.com
  • We answer all your questions and help you book a dream surfing holiday, in a very friendly, simple and secure way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why we do it

We love being able to offer amazing destinations for first time surfers and experience surf travellers alike.
There is no greater satisfaction than hearing back from happy guests!
That’s the proof that we’ve done our work well and that’s what keeps us motivated to continue the search and provide the best possible customer care!

Why it's important

If you are an ocean addict like we are, there are only a few things more satisfying than a surfing holiday… we spend most year dreaming of the last holiday and fantasizing about the next one. No one wants to be disappointed when it’s finally time enjoy a much antecipated vacation. That’s why we only work with local and experienced service providers, there is nothing like a quality and worry free surfing holiday!