I'm looking for some long rides and deep barrels !

If you are an independent and experienced surfer looking to catch a good swell and ride many of the best waves in Central America you’ll love our All Inclusive Surf Trip packages!
An experienced local surf guide will drive you to the best waves of the day, get in the water with you and offer some useful advice. From long rights and lefts to deep barrels… there are many amazing surf spots to explore in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Surf Trip packages are available in El Salvador and Nicaragua:

Surf Trip El Salvador


I surf but want to improve my skills !

If you have already done a surf course or surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills…the best option for your surfing holidays is a All Inclusive Surf Camp package.
Our team of instructors (all experienced local surfers) will evaluate your current skills and supervise your training, advising and correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf. As a result, you’ll rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks while you surf in maximum safety!

Surf Camp packages are available in El Salvador and Nicaragua:

Improving surf levels Central America


I want to learn how to surf?

If you are new to surfing or maybe just tried it a couple of times, the All Inclusive Surf Camp is the package for you.
Proper tuition is the best and fastest way to learn how to surf and have lots of fun whilst doing it! You will see daily progress and surf in a very friendly and relaxed environment.
You will learn all the necessary safety measures, surf techniques and requisites needed to begin your journey as a free rider.
Surf instructors are local surfers with many years of experience teaching surf to all ages and surf levels therefore, they know all the best spots for beginners.
We are sure you’ll love it and come back for more!

Surf Camp packages are available in El Salvador and Nicaragua:

Beginner surf levels Nicaragua


B&B and waves on my doorstep... that's all I need !!!

Especially thinking of those who …

  • want to explore the surf spots alone
  • are on a budget
  • prefer to decide locally which services to book
  • don’t want to surf

… we created the Surf & Stay package that only includes airport transfers, accommodation and meals. Everything else can be booked locally. As a result, you are free to customize your holidays on the go!

Surf & Stay packages are available in El Salvador and Nicaragua:

Note: Minimum 2 guests to book this package.

La Barra ocean view surf house Miramar