El Salvador & Nicaragua

El Salvador

El Salvador offers one of the most consistent surfing environments in the world. It’s also home to some of the best waves in Central America.
There are more than a dozen world class right & lefts point breaks, such as world famous Punta Roca, Las Flores, Sunzal, El Zonte and La Liberated.
El Salvador’s surfing zones are also known to hold some of the biggest swells offered by Pacific Ocean. But what makes surfing unique in El Salvador is the length of most waves, breaking 100-200 yards or more without closing out. Imagine having high quality “long rides” 300 days a year, in 82F water and no crowds!!!

El Salvador’s Pacific coastline is divided into two different surf zones, East Coast  & West Coast offering several outstanding, world-class left and right point breaks:

West Coast | La Libertad

La Libertad is El Salvador’s surf capital with surf shops, board rentals and repair shops and numerous high quality surf breaks in the area. Just 5 minutes walk from your hotel it’s the powerful and hollow Punta Roca wave.

El Salvador All Inclusive surf trips packages include surf sessions in some of the best surf spots in La Libertad area:


East Coast | Las Flores

El Salvador’s East coast area also offers a long list of amazing waves. Las Flores is the perfect base for a great surf trip and memories for a lifetime!
Las Flores Surf tours include both boat and 4×4 access to the many breaks in Las Flores.

Learn more about the best waves in Las Flores area:



Uncrowded surf is what you will find when you arrive! You will have access to several left point breaks, reef breaks and a beach breaks, which are very similar to the southern end of the country without a soul in sight.
The reefs and beach breaks are good to epic on the higher tides with the points following at the lower tides.
And to get to the best surf, you’ll need a boat ride! That’s why we have two super Pangas at your disposal for some amazing boat trips – included in the surf trip packages.

The main attraction is La Barra, also known as Puerto Sandino, a 100 ft left wave breaking on sand just outside a large estuary. La Barra has several take off zones but you’ll want to be at the main peak. Because this wave will barrel without fail, you must be an intermediate to advanced surfer to surf it!

This region of Nicaragua gets around 300 days/year of offshore winds providing perfect surf most of the year. During the rainy season the winds turn onshore around 13h00 but normally gets glassy in the evenings.

Here are some of the best surf spots in Central Nicaragua: